Al Ain Fresh

Al Ain Fresh

When it comes to juices, today’s health and nutrition-conscious consumers demand the very best and we listened to their wish by Introducing Al Ain Fresh Juices.

Al Ain Fresh juices are made out of top-quality fruit and with minimal intervention, so all the key nutrients are captured and delivered intact – exactly as nature intended.

Most importantly, we know our consumers would not settle for something that does not taste really, really great, so we made sure to develop the unique line of Al Ain Fresh juices with amazingly fresh flavours.

Al Ain Fresh uses only the best, sun-ripe fruits from all over the world. Applying the unique High Pressure Processing (HPP) – the only UAE producer to do so – Al Ain Fresh extracts the juice in such a way that absolutely nothing is lost in the product – neither precious nutrients, nor the amazing taste.

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