Nabil Foods

Nabil Foods

Since 1945, we at Nabil Foods are specialized in manufacturing wide range of frozen and chilled products that include: beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pastries, desserts and ready meals from international cuisines. More than 800 strong employees with rich experiences, focused on manufacturing and producing Nabil food products. Nabil Foods with its long experience, high capabilities and innovative approach is up to cater different customers’ requirements in the retail and food service markets.

All our products are 100% Halal and manufactured according to the international standards and specifications, including Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2018, Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 and Jordan Quality Marks(JQM),BRC Issue 8 and many other international certificates.

Nabil Food’s raw materials are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO free) with no additives and come from only the finest approved suppliers who undergo a tailor-made process of approval.All materials used are imported from the finest suppliers, local and international, according to controlled procedure to ensure the highest quality standards. Nabil foods has a standard process for raw material approval, through microbial and chemical analysis in Nabil own laboratories. PCR test (DNA) is done for all meat used, to 100% ensure its Halal source.

Nabil Foods has various production lines; qualified to produce and develop a wide range of products, including frozen chicken, frozen beef,Kubbeh products,cold cuts,pastries, desserts and ready meals. It’s important to mention that Nabil use most recent and advanced manufacturing technology in the region: Individually Quick Frozen (IQF).

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