Saifuddin Rupawala

Saifuddin Rupawala

Board Member

CEO - Lulu Group International

Saifuddin Rupawala is Chief Executive Officer of Lulu Group International, where he spearheads the company’s expansion

Saifuddin holds an MBA from Mumbai University and began his career with Lulu Group in 1982. In the span of almost 4 decades, he has successfully handled various key responsibilities within the Group.

During his Career, Saifuddin drove the diversified Lulu Group International’s conglomerate with successful business entities in strategic locations worldwide. He was a pillar in leading the Lulu Group’s international business portfolio that ranges from hypermarket operations to shopping mall development, manufacturing and trading of goods, hospitality assets, and real estate. LuLu Group mainly operates in 22 countries located across the Middle East, Asia, US, and Europe.