Khalid Mansour

Khalid Mansour

Senior Vice President - B2C Commercial UAE (Sales)

Khalid Mansour joined Agthia Group in December 2020 and is the Senior Vice President – B2C Commercial UAE (Sales).

Khalid brings over 25 years of experience in various multinational companies such as MacKay Meters where he worked as a project manager and plant engineer, PepsiCo Canada where he led Service and Distribution, Weston Group where he worked as a Distribution Manager, Basamh Trading Co as a General Manager and NADEC Foods where he was the VP Sales & Distribution.

Khalid achieved several accolades and awards during his experience including, becoming a Member of Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA), receiving the AC Neilson Award for the Fastest growing company in Dairy and Juice in Saudi 2019 and many more.

Mansour holds a Masters degree of Business Management from Loblaw’s School of Management Toronto, Canada and a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Dalhousie University, Canada.