Agthia Launches Four New Camel Feed Solutions During the Global Forum for Innovations in Agricultur

Agthia Launches Four New Camel Feed Solutions During the Global Forum for Innovations in Agricultur

Abu Dhabi, 3 April, 2019 – Agthia Group PJSC, one of the region’s leading food and beverages companies and producer of market leading animal feed Agrivita, launched four new camel feed products on the sidelines of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi. The new products have been designed specifically to meet the nutrition and health needs of camels in the UAE and the region.

The new Agrivita products have been introduced under two product lines. The first branded Al Nukhba Beauty Camel Feed which aims to naturally enhance animals’ physical appearance while the second, Al Nawamis Racing Feeds with three variations includes Calf Builder to support growth and strength, Camel Training Feed which ensures camels have sufficient nutrition to endure physical exercise and Camel Racing Feed which helps camels perform using maximum body potential.

Tariq Ahmed Al Wahedi, Agthia Group CEO, said, “Camels have always been a major part of the UAE and the region’s rich heritage. Agrivita’s new products have been developed specifically to enhance camels’ nutrition to excel in camel races and beauty pageants and support one the region’s most cherished cultural activities.”

Al Wahedi added, “Agthia is committed to supporting farmers and animal owners in the UAE and the region by providing trusted nutritional feed solutions that are based on extensive research and development.”

Agthia develops, produces and markets a wide range of feeds under the Agrivita brand aimed at addressing different needs of the nation’s livestock. As part of Agthia’s commitment to supporting the UAE’s farming industry and food security, the company also partners with international research and development centers and universities to ensure the UAE’s animal feed requirements are optimally met.

Last month, Agthia launched Riaya Farm Program, as part of its commitment to sustainable food security. ‘Riaya Farm Program’ provides specialized advice to farm owners to ensure optimal nutrition of their livestock, enabling them to achieve higher productivity and yields.

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