Agthia Launches Group-Wide Talent-Development Platform ‘TATWEER’

Agthia Launches Group-Wide Talent-Development Platform ‘TATWEER’

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 11 November 2018 – Agthia Group PJSC, one the region’s leading food and beverages companies, celebrated the launch of Tatweer, the new Group-wide talent-development platform that aims to develop and enhance the skills of the Group’s employees, across different locations. Tatweer’s launch is part and parcel of Agthia’s commitment towards supporting the Human Development pillar of the Year of Zayed.

Held at the Agthia Academy in Al Wathba, Agthia’s management unveiled the Tatweer logo as an identity to encompass the Group’s new and existing training programs under one umbrella, unifying human capital advancement efforts and ensuring Agthia’s employees are on the right path to becoming the Group’s future leaders. The Tatweer launch took place on the sidelines of a graduation ceremony, which saw 15 employees graduate from the third edition of the Career Enhancement Program (CEP), the in-house developed training suite designed exclusively for select Emirati employees.

Tariq Ahmed Al Wahedi, Chief Executive Officer of Agthia Group, said, “Agthia’s success and growth has always been driven by our employees, something we are immensely proud of. In order to make sure this positive momentum continues, we have continually introduced training and development programs that guarantee our people have the right skills and expertise to become Agthia’s future leaders.”

Al Wahedi added, “We are glad to launch Tatweer at a time when we proudly graduate 15 of our employees from one of our many strategic training programs. With the introduction of Tatweer, the Group will be able to unify its various training suites with one common goal to provide our employees with the resources to progress and succeed.”

Agthia Group Senior Vice President of Human Capital & Corporate Services, Mubarak Al Mansoori, said, “Introducing Tatweer as an all-encompassing platform will take our training efforts to the next level and ensure a unified experience is implemented across all our human development programs. Being able to offer opportunities for growth is important to us, and as of today, under Tatweer, we have trained more than 150 employees across our locations in the last year alone. We expect this number to double in the next 12 months.”

Currently ‘Tatweer’ comprises several anchor training initiatives including Leadership@Agthia, Career Enhancement Program (CEP), Advanced CEP, National Talent Integration Program (NTIP), and Leading Business. Training programs have been carefully designed to cater to different needs and in alignment with the Group’s business objectives. Each program has been designed for a certain career level, while some are limited to Emirati nationals only such as the CEP or Saudi nationals like the NTIP.

Tatweer Programs at a Glance

This program was launched in 2013 dedicated to the senior management. The program builds a collaborative and agile culture in times of rapid change. Leadership@Agthia is designed and implemented in partnership with the Management Centre Europe over a period of two years. Agthia senior managers receive coaching and interactive workshops covering personal leadership, building high performance teams and strategy execution and change.

Career Enhancement Program (CEP)
The strategically developed Career Enhancement Program (CEP) was introduced by Agthia in 2016.
The CEP delegates go through a series of intensive developmental modules over a period of eight months. The six modules program focuses on developing management skills, including strategic thinking, finance, public speaking and project management. The employees take part in self-assessment sessions, team projects, technical skills training and coaching.
The CEP, in line with the government’s Emiratization plans, is an employee development and training program available exclusively for high preforming Emirati employees to accelerate their careers within the Group into leadership positions. The CEP delegates went through a series of intensive developmental modules over a period of eight months.

Advanced Career Enhancement Program (Advanced CEP)
Agthia has also launched a new program called the Advanced CEP in 2018 for employees who have completed CEP. The program currently has twenty-two high-performing Emirati Agthia employees taking part in a two-year development program to further their leadership skills and business acumen, with participants completing ten modules that include interactive workshops and individual coaching sessions.

National Talent Integration Program (NTIP)
The National Talent Integration Program was launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the beginning of 2018. NTIP was designed to facilitate the integration of national talents into Agthia’s corporate culture by providing them with skills, capabilities and knowhow to excel in their future careers. The NTIP includes five intensive modules introducing concepts such as performance by objectives, value of common purpose and teamwork in addition to basic financial terminology and communication skills to name a few.

Leading Business    
Leading Business program will aggrandize the business acumen and commercial mindset among participants. The program focuses on developing a solid understanding of core business areas every manager should know. Topics include, but are not limited to Leadership Strategy, Communication, Finance, Marketing, Culture and Innovation.

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About Agthia

Agthia Group is a leading Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company. Established in 2004, the Company is listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and has the symbol “AGTHIA”. 51 percent of the Company’s shares are held by Senaat (General Holding Corporation), an Abu Dhabi Government entity, with the balance held by retail and institutional investors. The Company’s assets are located in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt and Turkey. Agthia offers a world class portfolio of integrated businesses providing high quality and trusted food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the UAE, GCC, Turkey and the wider Middle East. More than 4,000 employees are engaged in manufacturing, distribution and marketing various food and beverage products: Water (Al Ain, Al Bayan, Alpin Natural Spring Water, Delta, Bambini); Flour (Grand Mills); Animal Feed (Agrivita, Agrivita Marabea); Juices (Al Ain Fresh, Capri Sun); Dairy (Yoplait); Processed Food (Al Ain Tomato Paste, Frozen Vegetable); Ambient and Frozen Bakery (Grand Mills). For more information: | | Tel: 971 2 506 0600.